Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016 - 10KM Race

ABBEY: This is the last challenge we setup for ourselves this year; to join the 10-km run of Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. It was held last December 4. I was told by my brother-in-law to train for endurance as I need to finish the race. And since this is my first time, finishing the run fast is less priority. But my goal is to finish it within two-hour mark. 

Race day came and it took off at Esplanade Bridge by 7:25AM. Even before we start, some of the full marathon runners already finished the race. We were able to reach the first kilometer by running but Wilma got pain in upper-right part of her abdomen. We walked while she applied muscle rub. After another kilometer, we're able to race again. At the third kilometer, I jokingly told Wilma that I'm already questioning my existence and why I'm running instead of lying down in bed on a Sunday. Haha. 

We reached a drinking "pit stop" to stay hydrated. We enjoyed the sights as we run; like the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, and F1 Pit Building. It is very rewarding to finish the race itself and a bonus for receiving the medal. We both finished the race the same time and within the two-hour mark. Another item done from our list of targets for 2016.

WILL: This 2016, to cap off the year, we need to one more thing to tick off all our to-do list. Join a 10KM marathon!!! 

This is an extra challenge for me. Really! Why? I have a problem with my lungs. Since birth. Hahaha! So this is competition not against the time of the other people but a battle against my whole being. 

4am, we are up already. Arrived at Capitol Piazza minutes before 5pm and warmed up our muscles from there. Our wave, starts at 7:25. Gosh! It is too late. 

So when the loud horn was heard, we started to jog on our way. Approaching the first 300m, my right side part just below my lungs began to hurt. It is too painful that I immediately halt my jog and began my walking pace. It is an excruciating pain. This is not my first to experience that, I felt that on my practice ran months ago and I usually go home and rest. I do not stretch myself too on that time. But this is the real thing. It is now or never. So I decided to go on. Its me against me. My brain against my body. 

Motivated to finish the race, every time I see on the gutter a person holding a Active Muscle Rub tube, I always ask for a pinch and rubbed and pressed it hardly on the painful side. I do remember that until 5km, I am still on the lookout for people giving out those rubs. Haha. 

When I see the banner welcoming me on my 6th, 7th..8th. I am congratulating myself. On the 9th mark, Abbey tapping me on my shoulder and we fist bumped on our our 9.5 mark. Gosh! On last turn, there is with a camera that applauding the soon-to-finishers. 

Few steps at the mark, Abbey held my hand and we stand side by side to get the same time at the 10th and final checkpoint. 

Whew! I have done it. I know Abbey can finish earlier than that time but he is a very supportive husband. Waaa! I want to cry! 

Thanks to my eldest brother Kuya Ric. He is a professional marathoner. My parents are very proud of him. I am so jealous of his trophies and golden medals. Do you know his best time for 10KM is only 39mins... Winner right? 

Thanks Abbey and Kuya Ric for pushing me to my death. Hahaha! Joke! This is a memorable experience indeed!

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016 - 10KM Race