Thursday, December 1, 2016

52-Week Saving Challenge - (2017) Free Template

Hey! Hello December! Few weeks more 2016 will come to its end. 

How was your 2016? We hope it is great and your time is used to invest in yourself to achieve your target goals in this year.

As we are nearing to start 2017, it will be nice(good) to start a habit of saving. Right? Last year (2015), we used the method of 52-week challenge and due to the excitement and fun it brought to us, we continued it this year and we set in for a higher value. That 52-week challenge will serve as our "Fun Fund" for 2017.

To give back, we enhanced our 52-week challenge template to accommodate our readers' requests.
How to use it:
1. Download the excel file.
2. Key-in the amount you want to start with.(inside yellow box)
3. Print
4. Write your GOAL.  
5. Post on wall.

Write your "GOAL" on top of the paper because as you put why you aim for that target it will surely drive you to stay and finish this challenge. 

In posting on your wall, we highly recommend it to put that just beside/above/below of your room's light switch. You can see everyday your performance on and if you are still on track.

Maybe you will be quite confused why on the 27th week, we begin again on the starting amount. Because if not, the value will be too high and it will be unpractical that you will withdraw a chunk of money out of ATM just to put inside your piggy bank. And some horror stories we heard that when they reached the half year the amount is too high and they do not felt the excitement anymore. Instead the anxiety sets in (pain truth in saving). 

We do hope that this will help you to learn the habit of saving. See you again on 2018 for a new template :)
To Happiness, Prosperity and Holiness!
**Abbey and Will**