Thursday, December 22, 2016

Two Men Bagel House

ABBEY: Wilma is a fan of bread. And she was delighted when we dine at Two Men Bagel House (01-12 Icon Village Altez at Enggor Street). They have different flavours of bagels like garlic, rye, multi-grain, black and white sesame and they also have the original or plain one. 

You can ask to put cream cheese, jellies and peanut butter. There are a lot of options to choose from. And then they have bagelwiches. Yup, bagel made into sandwiches. I got their bagelwich of the month: the Yoe. It has roasted lamb slices, coconut red curry, onions and tomatoes. The toasted bagel is crunchy and flavorful. It will be messy but worth it. My meal costs $14.00 and it came with a cup of coffee. Only NETS and cash are accepted.



Two Men's Special

The Yoe

WILL: Abbey is ecstatic that he will be presenting to me the newly repaired engagement ring. We agreed to meet at Two Men Bagel House, few steps away from my office. 

I ordered Porkey at the counter. It was consisted of tomatoes, bratwurst and melted cheese, garlic aioli and egg (S$8.90). Once we are settled and while waiting Abbey threw a second engagement. Haha. The ring is exquisite (see our  separate blog here). Food arrived and we dug in. What's the taste? Not your ordinary "burger". Bagel is firm and the taste of bratwurst complements well with other ingredients. 

Oooh! The guy behind the cashier (I think he is the owner) is handsome and friendly. Haha! 

Abbey always proposes to me with the food that I love. First at pizza now at bagel shop. Now I am thinking where will be the next? ;) 

Two Men Bagel House are very recommendable. And it is a must try at Tanjong Pagar area. You will fall in love with their food. 

Two Men Bagel House
(A) 16 Enggor Street Icon Village Altez #01-12
(T) 6509 4125

(H) Weekdays - 8am - 7pm or Sell out
Weekends - 9am - 6pm or Sell out
Public Holidays - 9am - 6pm