Thursday, December 8, 2016

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Singapore - (CityLink Mall Branch)

ABBEY: At last the looooong wait is over. Yellow Cab is opening in Singapore. Yes, it is true. The store location is at City Link Mall B1-01-02. And we got a chance to taste their food items before their formal opening (Dec 9) like a movie premiere night.

They have their signature New York's Finest, Four Seasons, and Dear Darla. Their Four Seasons is great; four pizza flavors into one. How good is that? Add few drops of Tabasco and you're in for a kick. 

Also we tried their Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings. Good thing about it? No blood. :) You can eat it to the bones. Crunchy and flavorful in the outside and moist and juicy in the inside. They also serve wine, beers, soda and juice. Each serving can be shared by a couple. 

Another point is for the sounds. Not too loud so you can still chat with your date, friends, or family. We'll definitely come back to Yellow Cab.

WILL: I am astounded/delighted to see a post in Filipinos in Singapore facebook group about the upcoming arrival of one of the famous pizza chain in Philippines...Yellow Cab pizza. Yes! The hippy-millennial pizza arrived at the shores of Singapore. 

What is the difference? Ok, I will walk you through, haha! Yellow Cab Pizza do not rely on hot sauce to spice-up their menu, they introduced the chili oil + chili flakes that complement well with their unique flavour. Yellow Cab brings the New York style pizza in Asia, and on that, you will not see a "handle" on the edge of your pizza. Well, make your way to Charlie Chan Pasta, the not your ordinary, red/white sauced pasta. Most specially, make your way to Dear Darla!!! They are the first restaurant that I know that you do not need to pull up to get your slice, but you need to roll and wrap it together with greens (arugula and alfalfa). 

More words for us to persuade you in visiting Yellow Cab Pizza? The place has a homey feeling. It has also bar that you can order your favourite alcoholic drinks. 

It is just located just above the Esplanade MRT station. It is a good place for you to unwind after your busy/hectic/stressful day. 

See you there! Oooh! Can't wait for the delivery service too :) 

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Singapore 
(A) B1-01/02 CityLink Mall
(H) 8189 7490