Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Ways to Get Free (or Almost Free) Airline Tickets to USA

ABBEY: Flying to United States for free? Wow. We harnessed the power of our card to collect miles just in time to visit my sister. 

We swiped here and there. Let me make this clear: the miles were accumulated for a number of years. And whenever there is a huge purchase by our friends by cash, we took the cash and then we got our bonus miles without actual spending. 

The miles covered one return ticket. It was a good experience and a very rewarding one. 

Know or befriend your card, spend wisely and reap your reward.

Premiere Citibank Miles

52 Week Money Saving Challenge

Abbey tagged me as a "freeber" (a woman who extremely loves free stuffs) so, pinanindigan ko na! Ha! 

We have a US invite and checked the amount of fare we will be spending on that! And holy molly! It will cost us a fortune for a SIN-CHI-SIN flight. And on that, we look out how to get there for free or almost free. And viola! Seek and you will find, ask and it will be given :) Presenting the Citibank Premiere Miles. Our black credit card :) 

For almost 4 years, we have this card. We charged everything and anything on it. We topped-up our ezLink using that. Abbey and I encouraged our colleagues and friends to use our card on their purchases. Yes! We tag-along to their shopping escapades. We trusted them and no one ran after their bill haha. Actually, I am frantic when they want to settle the bill before the actual payment date. Grrrr.. 

For 119,886 miles piled from the credit card, it is the reason we got a free 2-way (1pax) ticket for our US trip. 

You are thinking how about the fare for the other person? That is when, we opened our 52-week money saving challenge. For another ticket, we spend S$1,631.27 out of our savings. We still have S$600++ pocket money. :) 

But what can we spend in Chicago? We are there not to tour the place but to be a nanny to our Ate Abigail and Kuya Victory! Haha. 

Plan ahead guys! There are STILL free things here on earth. :) You can save a lot of money with proper planning!

Citibank PremierMiles Visa - Earn Up to 42,000 Miles*‎

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