Monday, December 12, 2016

Singapore River Festival 2016

ABBEY: Singapore River had more life during the festival. People flocked the area, malls, restaurants and bars. The main event is Crossings by Underclouds Cie. It is a performance by a pair of tightrope artists. It was thrilling as the performers can fall into the water. But they managed to finish their act without a hitch. Kudos to them. Only disappointing is that one side of the bridge is closed so the spectators squeezed themselves in a small space. I know that it is for security. But there is a larger space wherein only the official shutterbugs are allowed. But how many of them? Less than 10. And whole space they have occupied.  Hope there can be more viewing space for the public.

Next event we went into is the Silence Disco. It was a cool concept. Dance with the music from your headphones. People were shy at first but when the dance floor was almost full, they began to groove to the beat. But still it was not a silent one since the disco was located in the Clarke Quay fountain where all the bars are playing loud music.

All in all it was great and new experience.

Silent Disco - DJs 
Underclouds Cie
WILL: This is our first time to attend the Singapore River Festival. And we are deeply sorry for blogging this wayyyyy too long! :( 

Actually we where there to witness the stunts of Underclouds Cie. We saved our seats 2 hours before the performance and yep...we got somewhat perfect view of the tight rope. After the breathtaking act, we headed to Fountain Square to check out the "Silent Disco". Queue seems like a mile and we decided to pass the participation on it. We stand just behind the Disco Jockeys and just stared to the people with headsets on. It is quite saddening that you can count on your fingers who are enjoying the night and dancing off the music they are listening on. And the others? Standing, smiling and taking selfies. 

Looking forward for more surprises for 2017! And please let the restaurant have some promotions in lieu of the Singapore Night Festival.

Singapore River Festival 2016