Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Great Wall (Film 2016) - Singapore Premiere Screening

ABBEY: Wow, it is definitely a Christmas gift that we're able to watch The Great Wall starring Matt Damon almost two months before it hits the theaters (globally). 

It's usually been told that the wall was built for protection from raids and human invasions. Or is it really for human invaders only? The movie has its moments of action and comedy. Colorful and uses innovative army tactics and weapons; that's how I'll describe the army. The war scenes are great and intense. 

Watch the movie and you'll see that Tian Jing (Commander Lin Mei) is more than just a pretty face.

Golden Village Gold Class Ticket for
The Great Wall (Film 2016) - Singapore Premiere Screening 

Abbey is well aware that I am fascinated with Egypt's treasure, power and its enigmatic pyramids and of course China's dynasty, empires and specially the Great Wall. So when Matt Damon announced that he will star The Great Wall Film, without second thought, I invited Abbey out. 

This is our December 25th date. He bought the Golden Village Gold Class at VivoCity ticket. 

How the film went? There is no dull moment. Now I know that Great Wall is not just to protect the village inside from intruders but also from other beings. :) 

The Great Wall (Film 2016)
Matt Damon as William Garin
Jing Tian as Commander Lin Mae of the Crane Troop / Nameless Order 
Pedro Pascal as Pero Tovar
Willem Dafoe as Ballard
Andy Lau as Strategist Wang