Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Q & M Dental Clinic Singapore

ABBEY: Going to the dentist is more fun whenever I visit Q & M dental clinic at Selatar Mall. The dentists there are friendly, give feedback to your dental hygiene and advise how it can be improved. 

I met Dr. Taylor Dilan on my last visit. I got dental prophylaxis and fluoride treatment. He even told what procedures to be done to fix the gap in my front teeth. I know that it is part of their sales but knowing that someone cares for your betterment is a plus. 

See you again after six months.

Singapore Dentist How Much

WILL: The nominated dental clinic of AIA is full that next available reservation will be on next year and on that we opted to use the non-panel clinic for our dentistry needs. 

We chose Q&M. Upon checking their company's website I am astounded that they are into SGX. Wow! And it made a reputation to me instantly that they are on pursuit of excellence. 

This year, I visited them thrice and all I can say is they are thriving to make their patients happy. And I felt that they do not over-bill me but they always surpass my expectations. 

I commend the receptionist that are always serving with a smile and all the dentist specially Dr. , I love her.

A heartfelt thanks to Q&M from A&W. 

Q & M Dental Group
(A) 33 Sengkang West Ave 
#04-16 The Seletar Mall 
Singapore 797653 
(T) 6702 3738 | Fax: 6702 3739