Saturday, May 28, 2016

Singapore Airlines (Singapore - Manila - Singapore)

ABBEY: We've been going back and forth Singapore and Philippines but this is the first time we'll be flying Singapore Airlines(together). Yes, it is the fare cost. But in our April trip, the SQ airline fare is lower compare to others because of their 25th anniversary promo thus we grabbed the opportunity.

Our seats are the economy super saver ones. It includes hot towel, in-flight entertainment, blanket and pillow, and a complete meal.
I enjoyed every aspect of  the flight. The meals are delicious for the 2-way trip (main course as well as dessert). In-flight entries include the latest movies but I chose to watch Space Jam and Tom and Jerry. Haha.

The attendants are warm, friendly and always smiling.
One thing can be improved though, I think the pilots can still enhance their skills in landing the "big" bird well.

WILL: I am a s@cker for deals on anything I will buy. I always plan ahead, as in ahead as 1 year but our plan to go home last April is not giving me a nice prices until January. I am pretty disappointed that time, I still wait and *babam!* Singapore Airline hollers for it seat sale! Wohhooo! It only costs us S$468.40 for two pax - two way. SIN-MNL-SIN. It includes 30kgs check-in luggage and 10kgs hand-carry. 

Abbey's first time at the Singapore's flag carrier and he immediately saw the difference of the service brought to him by one of the best airline in the world. :) 

On check-in, there is no queue! As in no queue! We are not that early but the service in check-in counter is efficient. In boarding the plane, attendants gleefully greet the passengers. They assist non-stop for the luggages. Once all are seated, the hot hand towels were distributed...whew...relaxing! 

On distributing the food, you can not pissed-off the attendants by mere ordering too much drinks. Haha! After meal, they will all smile, get the trays and you will hear from them "How was your meal?". 

When you are on shorts, they will offer their blankets. I had a restful slumber because of their pillow, blanket and the movie I am "listening" into. Haha.

This is one of Singapore's Pride! No doubt why they came to the list of the Best Airline. :) 

'Till next time SIA ;)

Singapore Airlines
(T) 6223 8888