Saturday, May 7, 2016

Celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary with Barber's Violin Concerto at Victoria Concert Hall

ABBEY: I am a Friend of SSO, we got a pair of complimentary tickets for one of their concerts: Barber's Violin Concerto; was held at Victoria Concert Hall. 

The harmony of the instruments and the joyful beats really feels like they are celebrating with Our 5th wedding anniversary. The two-hour program includes the following:
Stravinsky' Danses Concertantes 
Barber's Violin Concerto, Op. 14
Symphony No. 38 in D major
K.504, Prague.

WILL: This year, we are really into music. We are astounded of the music created by many instruments. Being a friend of Singapore Symphony Orchestra is a real win-win thing.

We always want to try new things for us to not bore each other so this year we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a blast! 

We watched Barber's Violin Concerto . Gosh! I can live forever listening to those instruments. Music is very powerful that you can feel what the musicians wants you to feel. Yep! They are one of the best in manipulating our emotions. Haha!

Glad to hear some Mozarts LIVE. I only used to listen in cds of my niece. :) 

Thanks again SSO for a free ticket for this event.

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