Friday, May 20, 2016

Playing Monopoly With Kids

ABBEY: When I saw Monopoly board for the first time, I started to like it. The feeling of owning houses and hotels and lots of money at hand interests me. This is what I asked my father to buy me when he's abroad. And he gave me the British version. So Mayfair is my Boardwalk. But time passed and I have no one to play with as I knew that the game will take time and my siblings got no time for that. :)

I got an iPad and I bought the electronic version. Still nothing beats the physical ones.

We want to teach financial education to our nephews and niece and I know this can break the ice. For them it is only a game but I'm hoping that they will learn from this. We started the game 10pm and ended at 3AM as the tutorial is being counted in. They now knew how to make a deal, when to buy houses, what are the key spots and getting out of jail free with the roll of a dice. I even heard one of them saying "Tatalunin kita Tita Wil" which made me think that they are having goals now. Few more games and then we'll introduce Reobert Kiyosaki's Cashflow 101.

Hannah, Baste, Sam & Tito Abbey

WILL: Financial lesson must be learned firstly from home. I just want to pass-over all the lessons that parents thought me when I am still young. In my early age, all I have in my hand is either book, Barbie, or dice of this Monopoly / Millionaire Game. At an early age, they thought as how to save money in the bank (even, they do not trust banks, haha)! Our mind is open how to use “paluwagan” to benefit the members in good things. As early as 7, I am at our lumber business and learning to be a cashier and listening to tales for us not be fooled by my parents’ employees nor clients.

And I am so proud to my nephews and niece that they chose to have Monopoly Board Game than to have a rubber shoes. Haha! So we did bought it and asked them to take an extra good care of those.

When Abbey and I went home, they keep on bugging us to play with them. I witnessed for myself what are their traits in handling and solving issues about money.

My niece cried and threw a white flag when she realized that she have a small amount on hand. We explained to her that that is just a game, a practise. And the reality of life is a bitter or sweet and that will depend on the result of her choices. She then told us, she is ready again to fight us on the next round.

I observed that my Sam (the fat one) is really eager to defeat me and his Tito Abbey warned him “You will never defeat Tita Wilma in regards with money, Sam”. I smirk to my niece and look onto his eyes challenging him more.

Baste, the thin one, while he and his brother is bidding for a certain lot blurted out “$900.00!!!” Sam happily responded “Iyo na!” Sam knew her brother do not have enough cash and the pitiful Baste can’t do anything but to mortgage some of his properties with the bank. It does taught him to honor his words.

Consecutive days, we are all out of sleep. But I am happy playing/teaching them. 

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