Friday, September 13, 2013

1-for-1 offer at Ricciotti China Square

ABBEY: We went at China Square for the 1 for 1 promotion of Riccioti. The catch is if you order a pizza then the free one is pizza also; unlike other offers that you can order a pizza and pasta. But still the same for me and Wilma; we can order both pizza and pasta then split them. 

The place got an alfresco ambiance and tables were candle-lit. I ordered Prosciutto Cotto E Funghi and I put tabasco on half of it. The thin crust pizza looks appetizing so I grabbed a slice and indulge. It was hot and delicious. For pasta, I had lasagne. The taste is different from the ones I had before. The sourness and sweetness of tomato is very rich. So good that I almost ate it all without taking a snap for the blog :) The bill is less than 40sgd all in all. 

Half of Wilma's pasta was brought home as she's full with the pizza.

WILL: I am an avid facebook fan of pizza parlor because obviously, I want to taste what different stores can offer. And Ricciotti is one of the FB page I hit the like button to get all the promotions and when they announced the reopening specials on their China Square branch. Then I planned for a date. 

We arrived there and chose a seat in their alfresco area (no smoking). As agreed, we will order one pizza and one pasta for each of us. I ordered Pizzotto and Linguine Al Granchio  . 

The pizza is not so big unlike the other pizza, I ate almost all of it and I left one slice for Abbey to taste. The pizza has no special thing, that you can remember. Same old, same old. 

A big "No" was said against his idea to taste my pasta. He have allergies in seafood. This is a must taste when you will get here. I like the taste of the crabmeat on a pasta a lot! 

They still continue this promotion and a lunch deal at their Star Vista store.