Friday, September 6, 2013

Singapore Night Festival 2013 (Bras Basah.Bugis)

ABBEY: This is the second year that we attended Singapore Night Festival. This was held along City Hall until Dhoby Ghaut. Art installations and performance were exhibited. We participated in one of the interactive light display by drawing on a led wall which will be activated by a wet sponge. 

But the main stage is at the National Museum. Again, all entance fees on  the galleries were free. Princely Treasures showed portrait and landscape paintings of oil, graphite and other mediums and canvases. At the facade of the museum Vertical Extractions defy the gravity by doing acrobatic stunts in midair. Starlight showed dancing skills with fire as the attraction. 

Armenian street was also closed for street performers and concerts. However, Perenakan Museum didn't hold any shows as it is under renovation but other galleries were open though. 

In my opinion last year's festival is better.

WILL: This is our second time to attend the Singapore's Night Festival and this is bigger and many attended this unlike before. The festive stretched up to Plaza Singapura and City Hall MRT but we focus ourselves more in the National Museum Galleries and its performers.
      After Abbey's office, we walked from Suntec City to Raffles Place to experience to write on something at their water light graffiti. You can see what Abbey wrote on photo above, ha! A lot of walking is a must to any of Singapore festivals so wear your most comfortable shoes or sandals. 
      From City Hall, we paved our way to National Museum. Absolute Vodka Canvass was open for public. We took the chance that everyone was watching performance of Circus Swingapore when we slipped through a thick crowd then entered the Princely Treasured Gallery. 
      8:00 we positioned ourselves to watch the Vertical Extraction and Pyramid of Void but we are too late to have a good spot to see Starlight Alchemy. 
      After those performances, we visited Armenian Street. We entered the Peranakan Museum but decided to stop the tour. 
      Its almost 10pm and we decided to hail bus 7. That was a tiring night. We ate bit too late. Next time we should be there from 6pm ;)
      See you guys on Singapore Night Festival 2014!