Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breakfast at Da Paolo Gastronomia - Holland Village

ABBEY: My wife requested for crodos and she just told me that the shop is at Holland Village. So on one of my weekly offs I started my journey to find that treasure chest. I've been at Holland Village many times but Da Paolo Gastronomia was located across the road. I was happy bringing home Wilma's craving. And I planned to bring her to it for breakfast. 

After my night shift ended, we went there and had our fill. I got a breakfast combo for $10.50; scrambled egg, mushroom, the greens, garlic bread, and coffee. It was good and became even better when I put Tabasco sauce for a little kick. 

Wilma was happy to see the place full of pastries and cozy.

WILL: Abbey kept on bragging about the Gastronomia at Holland Village. He keep on asking me to have a breafast with him in that place and we got the chance to dine after his night shift last 9th of August. 
      As I walked-in to the restaurant, the aroma of freshly baked pastries and breads greeted me with delight. 
      I ordered a tea and croissant set and hubby ordered the egg breakfast set. 
      The tea is so great and have an unusual taste, it was named enery tea. But the croissant failed on my expectation. The bread is hollow inside, I felt that I was cheated, why? the price of their croissant is quite expensive compared to others.
      I hope that Gastronomia will look on to this issue.