Friday, September 27, 2013

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2013

ABBEY: Sentosa Buskers Festival 2013 exhibited many of the local artists' talents. Our first stop is with Dharni and K-Leah. We have seen the performance of Dharni in Singapore Night Festival and his beatboxing is great. Matched it with the husky voice of K-Leah and it was superb.  

After the acapella we went to see the string duo, Off Beaters. This kids really plays their instruments well. I liked it when they play Bruno Mars' Hey Soul Sister. They can improve their show if they would interact with their audience. 

We also got a photo shoot session with Sentosa Buskers Festival mascot. Last stop is Tribal Ninjas. Hands up to these artists especially with their fire acts. The show must go on even its windy causing the fire to touch their skins. I got also a chance to pose with The Leaning Man. We're hoping to see more of the world-class talents on the next festival.

WILL: Its Sentosa's 4th year in busking! Time flew so fast, isn't? This is a new for all of the attendees as they invite their local artists to perform at the stages of Sentosa, they were located at Merlion Pitch, Bell Pitch, iFly Ground, and to cut it short, they were all over the island. 
      On my observation, more audience actually went there to checkout the performances despite grey clouds engulfed the city-state.
      First we checkout the program so we can plan our visit. We listened first to Dharni and K-Leah, amazing voice accompanied by beatbox. Then we stopped to amaze ourselves with Off Beaters. Hey, I also attended the meet and greet the Buskers Mascot. 4th stop was the nice duo that played fire, well done tribal ninjas. To stop our grumbling stomach, we ended our visit with The Leaning Man. 
      That was a great break on a very hectic and pressured working environment. 
      I wish that the local performers will practice more on how to communicate with their audiences. 
      As usual, I am looking forward on 2014 Buskers line up. :) thanks Sentosa for this free event and helping a charity through our island entrance fee.