Monday, September 30, 2013

Tropical Hawaiian Fully Loaded Pizza by Pizza Hut Singapore

ABBEY: Is it my hunger or the service of Pizza Hut that got me in the bad mood when we dined in their branch at Marina Square?

We planned to have dinner in the pizza parlor after a day's work and by the time we got there it took us 10mins before we had our seat. Many tables were empty but I noticed that the branch is understaffed that time. Only two staff I saw. Its ok; understandable. They took our order and waiting time began. It is still ok with us even the customer who came after us received their soup and drinks before us. 

But when we followed up and they gave the wrong order that is the start. The staff even showed us that, that is what his colleague punched in. It was later verified that is for the other table. 

Waiting and waiting then another food came, still that is not what we ordered. We told them that we want the Tropical Hawaiian Fully Loaded Pizza and a pasta. Finally it came but the mood for tasting that particular pizza turned sour. The pizza is good though. The stuff is delicious; it was even larger than the slice itself.

WILL: Advertisement plays a real big factor in every game of business and I am one of the TV viewers that hooked up on Pizza Hut Singapore's commercial of their Fully Loaded Crust.

When I got the chance to asked Abbey out after his APAC shift, we hurriedly went to Marina Square's Pizza Hut branch (nearest one from Abbey's office). My tummy keep on shouting for food, Abbey's meeting was send off around 8PM that time, but because of the cravings of mine, I still muster myself to wait.

But the wait really annoyed us. Oh Abbey ordered the Fully Loaded Delight Meal ($28.90). We waited for 30 minutes and really can't stand our grumbling stomach and we asked for the soup and soft-drinks. Well cola came out first and after 20 minutes the soup. We waited for 30 minutes more before we get the pizza.

I do not know if because I am really furious that time but the the pizza I craved for a long time taste so bad. The chicken doesn't compliment with the cream cheese and spinach. For the first time, I pushed away a pizza slice to my husband.

We do hope that the Pizza Hut management will take a look on this issue, time really matters on a restaurants.