Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Clash of Clans

ABBEY: Whenever I view memes through an iPad application I got ads to try Clash of Clans. But most of the time I turn them down. One day it was listed on the AppsGoneFree and it was priced at 7sgd. I don't know if this is the real price but I downloaded it anyway. It just sit down on my device for a long time. When I was bored and searching for a new game to play, I saw it then tried it. It was like Farmville-RedAlert- strategy game. Woah, Red Alert? I'm too old. 

The game is good. You must put a good defense for your camp and offense if you will be raiding another camp. You can also join a clan which can help you for your strategy. You can ask for additional troops as well. But in turn, donate some also.

I observed that you can only attack or have revenge a particular camp for a number of times. This is a breather if you're on the defense. We still have a lot to accomplish on this game. I don't know if SuperCell will release a version for Android.

WILL: Me: What is that? 
      Abbey: Clash of Clans
      Me: Is that building an empire? Like Battle Realms?
      Abbey: Yes
      Me: Let me see.

    And from there on, I took in-charge what should be done on Abbey's clan.
    I love to play chess that maybe this kinds of games lure me. A strategy/building game.
    Abbey got the iPad application for free and keep on updating to suffice the happiness of the user. Its almost a month when we started to play this and I am so addicted that I woke up in the eerie time just to check my clan. 
    Really nice game to heightened your skills and you can find some friends here too from different parts of the world.