Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lancome Génifique

ABBEY: This facial serum samples should be used in 7 consecutive days. I didn't complete the cycle :( But the first few days that Wilma put it on me I felt my face refreshed. 

It is translucent, white-colored and odorless. I haven't got any harsh reaction on the application and It made my skin even softer.

WILL: This is the real trial. Of course, you can see some differences for one application but a seven day consecutive facial serum is serious thing.
At VivoCity was where we redeemed our sample. The lady behind the counter asked for the SMS confirmation and explicate to us how to use it.
Day to day, there is difference, for real :) I can say that one week of applying the serum, it met the things that I expected. Supple, smooth, no blackheads, and so tight skin.

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  1. For me, Lancome Genifique mask is worth the money. My skin looks good using the product. I sometimes fail to remember to put on my foundation, still my face looks fine.