Sunday, June 10, 2012

FHM Models 2012 Finale Night

ABBEY: We got VIP tickets for this event. The venue is at the TAB at Orchard Hotel. A separate queue for VIP were given (wow, this is great). It's different in the negative side because first we didn't get the voting stickers; second if Wilma did not ask for the Triumph goodie, she won't have it.

My DSLR was in the baggage counter as I was informed that NO DSLR will be used in the event except for the official photographers. As soon as the models walked the runway I saw 4-5 DSLRs taking snaps of the sexy ladies. I even asked one of the bouncers and replied that it can't be used (How's that?). Event started an hour behind the appointed time, but worth the wait when contestants 1,2,7 and wait are on the ramp. My bet is Melody; she got 2 awards (Paul Mitchell's Mane Event and Most Curvaceous body) but a rank shorter for the title. Two free drinks were given. TAB's fries tastes good also. We enjoyed our pose and pics in their photo booth courtesy of Foto Affairs. Congratulations, Jamie Ang.


WILL: I am one of the 5 very lucky winners of Durex Singapore Facebook contest and on that they gave me a pair of VIP ticket to TAB for FHM 2012 Finals. 
      We queued for almost half an hour, we got our four stabs for free cocktails/soft drinks and a stamp on our wrist. I got a small box of condom and a sample of Play O from Durex. Abbey was not given neither. Haha. Triumph gave every guest a bag with pamphlets, vouchers and an underwear mold in to a rose. Before entering the second floor, there is photobooth. We got two pictures of it. :) 2 steps away, there's board where you can vote for the girl you are rooting for, but hey people from the ticket booth do not gave us stickers for voting. Darn! Tsk! Oh, I am rooting for Kitty. 
      730-9:30pm is the stated time that was stated on the ticket but the show started only at 9pm. Its a cocktail style party, so obviously, no chairs. Imagine how hard to stand from 730-9pm on heels? I even saw some ladies just took off their shoes and stand barefoot. Ha! I sipped one cocktail and a soda, we ordered bottled water for $6 and the french fries is $8. 
      When the party started, all the boys get wild, and ahm, me too. Specially when Kitty hit the pole at the stage. Haha! I admire her attitude. She is so hot! Anyway, Jamie won the title, Melody the 1st runner up and my Kitty is the 2nd :( 
      Thanks Durex, this is an experience that we will never forget.