Saturday, June 2, 2012

Waitrose LOVE life - dandelion, fennel & ginger infusion tea bags

ABBEY: This tea us a fusion of fennel seeds, dandelion and ginger. Once a sachet is soaked in a cup of hot water, good aroma fills the air. As you drink it ginger taste is dominant but has a sweet after-taste.

WILL: Abbey's is in the process of turning his back to coffee and transforming his self to be a tea drinker. Step-by-step, little-by-little he drinks flavored tea without sugar. So my duty is to look for something sweet concoction of tea leaves.
      Then I saw this Waitrose Love Life consists of Dandelion (25%)Fennel (20%)Ginger Root (20%)Liquorice Root (20%)Nettle (15%). The strong aroma and sweet fennel taste never fails me to surprise Abbey. This will be a great choice for the beginners.
      Love the taste, this costs $6.00 at Cold Storage