Monday, June 11, 2012

(3D) Piranha 3DD

ABBEY: Another Piranha movie. I didn’t like the first one but I told myself to give it another try. Anyways, this is for free. 

“The Big Wet” is a water park that opens in time for summer; offering leisure and “pleasure” for the patrons. Water is being pumped out into the nearby lake which alters the behavior of flesh-hungry piranha. Cameo role of David Hasselhoff and other slapsticks had me burst into laughter. Helpless victims tried to get out of the water fast to save their own lives. But little did they know that the fish started learning to “walk” J Compliments to the sexy ladies but not to the one who went under the knife.

WILL: Are you looking for a thriller, comedy, and love story film rolled in one? Well, this Piranha 3DD is not the film you are looking. 
     This movie is full of boobies and unreasonable storyline. I think the lesson to this is parents/elders should listen sometimes to younger people. 3/10. 
     Oh, Golden Village Pictures, thank you so much for the premiere night 3D tickets. :)