Thursday, June 14, 2012

SUB-SONIC LIVE (Fred Perry Singapore Subculture)

ABBEY: We RSVP-ed at Fred Perry Sub-Sonic event. It showcased bands and musicians playing their own music to give entertainment for the night. De Burg offers discounted rates for their burger sliders from 4sgd. The burgers were delicious and juicy. Free ice cream and free flow of cocktail and beer for those who wear Fred Perry apparel. Singtel also offered gadget accessories, vouchers and passes if you can get it from the center of ice blocks :) 

WILL: Fred Perry arranged this "Sub-Sonic" event to feature the new artists, so glad they have managed to do it herein Singapore. I am really fond of the styles and designs of the collection and that I decided not only to buy their products but also be a fan on their Facebook Page. My husband RSVP on this event and we are so blessed to be the lucky few who can make it on their list.
     I can say, they are well prepared. 6:30PM the gate is open for their guests but we arrived 20mins earlier. We collected our tags and and our pins, and surprisingly, one of them approached us apologizing that we need to wait for some minutes. No worries at all. We saw a somewhat flock of the 1980s' motorcyclist wearing Fred Perry polo shirts. Awesome!
     We walked our way to The Court and saw Singtel Iced advertisement. We went there just took a photo but the one of the promoter told us to participate on their "icy" game. Using water gun or anything that we can use except stones. Around 15 minutes gunning the thick ice, I managed myself to put my hand inside and grab the Singtel magazine and on that I won a $50.00 voucher, Abbey got a tickets for Zouk party.
     Its time to listen to the new voices and music. You know what I expect? A party of wild drunken guys and gals, but I am so so wrong. Even the alcoholic drinks are bottomless, no one inside so intoxicated that initiated any riot. The teens keep their composure. They are just listening while enjoying every sip of beer and punch.  
     Hooray to Fred Perry. Oh, forgot to mention that they really prepared for this event, they have an ambulance just outside the gate. Thanks for the free ice cream 7th Heaven! Thanks to all the bands! More power Fred Perry!