Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Men In Black 3

ABBEY: Wilma got excited when she saw the movie poster of MIB 3 in Shaw Theaters. We used our last pair of complimentary 3D tickets before it expires. Shaw theater hall 1 is very big. I didn't expect that cold but I found myself chilling as there were only a couple of people inside the hall. 

As usual J and K have their job as bad alien terminator as to keep peace. But one villain, jailed by K a long time, escaped his Alcatraz and seeking revenge. The motorcycle is impressive: can't wait to see it run on the streets for real. I think that would be the last for MIB as the story between J and K came to a close.

WILL:  When I saw the first Men In Black, I really questioned myself and I really felt that living in Earth is unsafe. Haha! In short, MIB 1 really captured my mind and somewhat made me think the what ifs. What if I am the only human here in earth or in the other hand, I am the only alien. Weird isn't?
       MIB 3 is not as exciting as the latter 2. 7/10. Thank you aliens, I mean Shaw Theaters for the complimentary 3D pass.