Sunday, June 17, 2012

Clipper - Detox Tea

ABBEY: Ok, this is one of my favorite tea. This is a detox tea with infusion of berries. Strong aroma fills my workspace and my colleagues asks only one thing "Where does it come from?". It has a good taste and the leaves will not burn easily even soaked for a long time. A 20-packet box costs less than 8sgd.

WILL: I am glad Abbey is turning to be a tea drinker, absolutely i will support him. After office, I went to Cold Storage VivoCity to look for some tea infusions that I think he will love.  Well, I am right, he fell in love this Clipper's Tea detox infusion. Aroma and taste made myself proud that I will never fail to taste of tea in just reading the ingredients. Haha! 
This cost $8 per box of 20. :) 

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