Saturday, March 31, 2018

Say Chiizu | Hokkaido Cheese Toast

ABBEY: Say ‘chiizu’ :) 

Hokkaido Cheese Toast offers these toasts at SGD 3.80 a piece. They recently opened their branch at Waterway Point and there we go. 

The toast is not that much big but filled with stretchy and chewy cheese. Be sure to eat it as soon as possible for maximum stretch. Also who wants a cold toast?

Say Chiizu | Hokkaido Cheese Toast
Waterway Point

Say Chiizu | Hokkaido Cheese Toast
Original Toast 

WILL: I saw Abbey's friend, Nitin, hit a like button to a post that shows a stretch of cheese! Abbey blurted out that it is supposedly his surprise for me for the next day. Ha! Blame Nitin! 

For brunch, we went to Waterway Point and bought the 'surprise' original toast. 

Astonished, this taste like mozzarella! Man! I can eat three of those in one sitting. It is quite pricey though. 

Say Chiizu | Hokkaido Cheese Toast
(H) 10am - 930pm
(A)83 Punggol Central Waterway Point # B1-K1 

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