Monday, March 5, 2018

This Is Us - Aiza Seguerra & The CompanY at Music Museum

ABBEY: I wanted to watch a Valentine’s concert for so long. So when our vacation aligned with February 14, I looked for artists who will perform on that date. We didn’t got disappointed as we booked for This is Us : Aiza Seguerra and The Company at the Music Museum. 

We toured the memory lane with The Company while we got to hear the phases of love from Aiza (Ice). 

It was a great night. You can have your food and drinks while being serenaded with those golden voices.

This Is Us - Aiza Seguerra & The CompanY 

This Is Us - Aiza Seguerra & The CompanY - Ticket

WILL: Abbey arrived home and ecstatically announced that he found a perfect date for me on Hearts' day. And it is with Aiza and The Company at Music Museum. 

We arrived as early as 40 minutes before the show. We just sat there and talk. Yeah Abbey and I loved to have a conversation. Haha!

When Aiza and The Company invaded the stage, our hearing senses were heightened and we enjoyed every song The Company sang that time. There are times that we stand up and dance! Haha. When Aiza went back on stage, I felt every lyrics of the song. In love, heartbreak and happiness in one set. Aiza is one of the quality singers of Philippines.

Thanks Baby Abbey for this concert date! 

Music Museum

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