Saturday, March 3, 2018

Brothers Burger at TriNoma Mall, Quezon City

ABBEY: I can still remember the “50% off the second burger” promo of Brothers Burger when I worked at Makati. The queue was long. So we decided to have a taste of their menu items but this time at Trinoma. 

I got the cheesesteak sandwich. It is huge and has ample amount of beef in it. The bread is soft and beef is tender. No need to put any other condiments on it.

Brothers Burger
The Boss Burger

Brothers Burger
Cheesesteak Sandwich

Brothers Burger at TriNoma Mall, Quezon City
WILL: Abbey and I used to lunch-out at one of Brothers Burger outlet at Makati. As I remember, one burger costs only Php100.00, now...oh my! It is more than 9 years ago. Haha. 

After our facial at Let's Face It, we sat at their branch and Abbey insisted for me to have the "The Boss Burger" (Php375.00) because Lamb Burger is not abailable that time. 

As I recall, the quality of the buns are not there, but the beef patties are way more better than other big burger chains. It is meatier and juicy. Well, it is a feast!

'Till next time Brothers Burger!

Brothers Burger
(H)10AM - 9PM
(A)2061 2nd Trinoma Mall, North Ave Cor Mindanao Ave, Quezon City, 1105 Metro Manila, Philippines

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