Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Super Addictive Brownies - Dona's Recipe

ABBEY: This recipe was given to me by our friend Dona from the US of A. I was able to bake the cookies after a year :)

Follow the recipe specially when spacing the cookie dough on the baking sheet. The recipe will yield 30 chocolatey, delicious cookies.

Super Addictive Brownies - Dona's Recipe 

Super Addictive Brownies

WILL: Donna's cookies are so desirable. The aroma reminds me of chips ahoy on the 80's. The taste is not too sweet and the texture is chewy and perfect for any hot drinks. 

Abbey requested for the recipe and he baked it. Is it just the same? Well, it is ok. But the texture differs. Abbey's product is crumbly and the salt/sugar is not dissolved (which I love). 

Now I am waiting for next baking session of Abbey. 

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