Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Army Navy Burger + Burrito at Petron NLEX

ABBEY: We stopped by Army Navy (Petron NLEX Southbound) after our stay at a resort. Sadly they’re out of burgers. Instead we got chicken wings, soft tacos, and chicken burger. 

I ordered StarvingSailor same as Will and it was delicious. The beef is a little bit tough to chew though. We had 12-pax meal for only 88SGD. I hope next time I can put my hands on their burgers.

Army Navy at Petron NLEX
StarvingSailor Sandwich

Army Navy Burger + Burrito at Petron NLEX

Army Navy Burger + Burrito Mission:
Come in Hungry
Walk out Happy
WILL: Aren't you tired of the same fastfood chains inside the malls and then those will be your same choices when taking a break from your long drive at North Luzon Express Way? 

Well, fret not! Army Navy is there to serve you. Ahm, yeah! Another burger-fries-chicken menu but please do try their StarvingSailor sandwich. 

A sourdough bread that was filled by chunks (yes chunks not strips) of beef, caramelised onion, cheese and jalapeño. Yummy! 

This sandwich surely will satisfy the starving sailor inside of you!

Army Navy 
(A) Petron, NLEX Phase 2A, Petron Service Station 1, Marilao Bulacan

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