Thursday, November 3, 2016

Japanese Gourmet Town at VivoCity

ABBEY: Once the adrenaline rush left my system after our business plan presentation, I became hungry. Our team celebrated at Japanese Gourmet Town in Vivo City. 

I got Chicken Teriyaki Tenshin Han. Wilma and I thought that it was the rice meal which was wrapped it an omelette. But it turned out to be a scrambled egg dome which covers the rice. Anyways it is still delicious and I got my fix for Japanese gravy craving. 

The meal also comes with a plate of gyoza and drink. All for $15.90. 

Chicken Cutlet Tenshin Han Set

Chicken Teriyaki Tenshin Han

Japanese Gourmet Town Menu (VivoCity) 
Osaka Osha Gyoza
WILL: After Abbey and the team presented the business plan to a group of panelists, we celebrated that happy event at Japanese Gourmet Town at VivoCity. 

I went for Chicken Cutlet Tenshin Han Set. It is comprising of Tenshin Han (Rice Topped with Egg), their well recommended Osaka Osha Gyoza, Egg Soup and a glass of soda. You can get get all of that for only $14.90. It is a huge serving. Haha! 

So what's the verdict? The taste is awesome. Specially the gyoza! Oishi!!! I may suggest that they should have an unlimited gyoza promotion. :) 

'Till next time Japanese Gourmet Town!

Japanese Gourmet Town
(A) 1 Harbourfront Walk #01-157/158, VivoCity