Friday, November 25, 2016

Chef-in-Box - Vendcafé at Blk 320C Anchorvale Drive Sengkang Singapore

ABBEY: We saw a video that in Japan you can buy sushi and ramen on a vending machine. How good is that? And then I read in the paper that in Sengkang, local and western foods can be bought in those machines. 

So one night after our business plan meeting, our group headed there and see first-hand how this operates. The food is in a sealed microwave container and will be reheated upon ordering. I got Japanese curry. The next time I visited is with Wilma. I had nasi goreng. They also have coffee, fresh orange juice, snacks and desserts. The food is at I can say an airplane-meal quality level. Cutlery were also provided. 

Follow the instructions and you have your meal in no time. Be careful as it is hot. You can pay by NETS, credit card, and cash. We also had a talk with Mr. Tng Boo Kwang the general manager. We got insights about how he started it and how much a machine costs. It operates 24x7, but tone down the noise in the wee hours of the night.

Chef-in-Box - Vendcafé at Blk 320C Anchorvale Drive Sengkang

WILL: TheSmartLocal is a good facebook page in featuring some unique, un-hyped, even haunted places and out of the mall food/cafes around Singapore. And one time, they post something unusual here in Sengkang and Abbey found out that it is just corners away from our home. In a long time planning to visit the Chef-in-Box, we made our way by first week November. 

Lucky, we have talked to their General Manager Mr Tng and somewhat learned about this "Only in Japan" business concept. 

The machines are eye-catchy and you'll stop for sure to watch how the machine works and try to buy their food. And of course, there are repeat customers like Abbey and I. Why? What is the taste of it? It is like I am eating a food in the plane. Remember, when the stewards are preparing for your meal and the  whole plane was filled with the food's aroma? Excellent! That is the feeling. All you want to do is wait for them to cater your food. (Fish or Chicken? Haha!) 

Yes, we are repeat customers (suki na ba?). What food I love to go again and again? The Chef in Box’s  Japanese Chicken Curry Rice… Yum, yum, yum! 

They already have Vendcafe in some places! Hooray to Chef in Box!

Chef in Box
(A) Blk 320C Anchorvale Drive Sengkang