Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Super Crispy Shiitake Mushroom Recipe

400g potato starch
400g shitake mushroom
Vegetable oil (for deep frying)
Salt and pepper

Soak shitake mushroom in water for 6-12 hours.
Dissolve potato starch in water. It doesn't matter how much water as long as it is dissolved.
This should be done 2-3 hours before frying or until the starch settles at the bottom of the container.
Remove water from the starch until only left is a muddy starch.
Drain water from the mushroom and start to cut them in bite-size pieces then add salt and pepper. Mix well.
Throw the mushrooms into the potato starch slurry until well coated.

Heat the oil for frying and drop the mushrooms one by one.
Do not overcrowd the pan.

The secret for crispier mushrooms is to double fry them. Cook them in batches. When all has been fried first time, you can fry the first batch to have its double fry.

Crispy-Crispy Shiitake Mushroom

WILL: This is one of the ingredients of Maangchi's Sweet and Sour Dish and we discovered this that it can be a standalone fore more than 2 years ago and I am pretty shocked that we do not share this to you guys. 

Now that mushroom chicharon is a fad, this will be a good version to do it. 

When you start eating it, it will be hard for you to stop. :)