Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Play CASHFLOW® - Get Out of the Rat Race (2014 Version)

ABBEY: We bought this game board when we attended the Wealth Summit last 2015. And this is the first time we played it. Not that we are playing the game the first time but we have digital versions of it. It is the version of Cashflow released on 2014. The difference from the classic? You have to have and declare your own dream (no more pre-conceived list) and your goal is to increase your cashflow in Fast Track by 50000.

My dreams for our 3 games are: cancer reasearch, travel the world and build a school. And I'm proud that I won them all :)

Even a different version from the original, you still have the same goal. Build passive income that will be more or equal to your expenses. Then you're out of the rat race. Fast Track will not be called by that name for nothing. It will be a bliss once you're there. Just be prepared for the tax audit, divorce, and unforeseen events. 

Deal with what the dice roll out.

CASHFLOW® - Get Out of the Rat Race (2014 Version Board) 
WILL: If you are keen to learn "financial literacy" you will not surely miss the name Robert Kiyosaki. The best selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He introduced the 4 quadrants and this Cashflow board game.  

In one of meet-up here in Singapore where I first saw the Cashflow boardgame..in real life. Why? Because Abbey bought its iPad app version. Hehe. Of course, challenging a human is more exciting than playing with a computer. Hehe. 

When Robert Kiyosaki visited Singapore last year, we bought the Cashflow 2014 version. Yey! But too busy, we only opened and played it this year. Haha!

So what is the difference between original to its 2014 version? You will think of your own goal. :) Gosh! This time, I never won against my husband. He totally honed his strategies to outwit the doodads that may come his way. 

Cashflow is better than Monopoly. Why? It doesn't need you to let other people down for you to succeed. You will not mind on others' businesses/things. Cashflow will teach you how handle yourself in deciding how to make a small or big deals. 

I can't wait to play this game with my nephews!