Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Brownies Fondant Recipe (Valentine's Day Surprise)

This recipe is to make fudgy brownies

500g or white marshmallows (small ones are preferred for easy melt)
500g of confectionary sugar
2-3 tbs of water
1 cup shortening (Crisco)

1. Place the marshallows in microwable mixing bowl along with the water. Give it a mix.
2. Put it in the microwave for 3 30-second interval. Stir after each interval. DO NOT BE LAZY AND PUT IT IN 1 90-second shot.
3. Mix half of the sugar until it formed a soft dough. Be careful as the mallows are hot.
4. Start the kneading until the mixture is being able to stretch up to 2 inches without breaking.
5. To store it, cover with shortening and put in plastic wrap. Make sure to have it settled minimum of 12 hours.
6. When coloring, pinch a small part of the fondant and dip it in the coloring. Sandwich it in and start kneading again.

1kg of dark chocolate or compound
1 stick of butter
3 eggs
1/2 cup of flour
1/2 cup of sugar (still can be lessen as the fondant is already sweet)

1. Preheat the oven for 350 F (150-170 C)
2. Melt the butter and half of the chocolate. (Double-boiler)
3. Remove the mixture from heat and mix the sugar. This will cool the chocolate-butter mix.
4. Put and whisk the eggs one by one.
5. Mix in the flour.
6. For added chunks, add the remaining chocolate.
7. Place the mixture in a baking pan lined up with wax paper.
8. Cook in the oven for 30-45 minutes.
9. Let it cool.

Chocolate Ganache
500g dark chocolate
250ml whipping cream

1. Place the chocolate and cream in a bowl and microwave it for 1-minute intervals and stir until no lumps.
2. Let it settle.

Now, to put them all together:
1. Put ganache into the brownies. This is to have a smooth surface for the fondant to lay on. It make take couple of layers. Put it in fridge in between those layerings.
2. Flatten the fondant large enough to cover the brownies.
3. Put designs on it as you want. Mine was hearts as it was hearts' day.
4. Enjoy.

Oh my Abbey! A very sweet aroma greeted me when I opened our front door. Then I found my husband at the sofa, singing while playing a guitar. I went to the kitchen and look what he is up to but didn't find a clue but the dining table is in a mess, haha! 

Abbey surprised me a fondant brownies! So sweet!!! Hahaha! I am so delightful to know that the fondant was made of marshmallows. His version of gooey brownies and not so sweet fondant is pretty perfect not only for my tastebuds but for our colleagues too. 

Way to go Chef Abbey. :) I Love You so much!