Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ministry of Food : Lenas - Modern American Italian Restaurant (Orchard Gateway)

ABBEY: For the second visit of Jennee, we dined at Lenas@Orchard Gateway. For a set lunch, I got cream tomato base pasta with breaded chicken cutlet. It came with vegetable salad and drink. 

I liked the taste of salad dressing; sweet and sour. The pasta is rich in sauce and the cutlet is crispy in the outside but tender inside; perfect for a "kid" like me. Haha. My meal costs $16.50++. 

They also serve steak and pizza.

WILL: Abbey's Bestfriend, Jennee is back in here for just few days and we scheduled a late lunch to meet her at Somerset MRT Station.

Orchard Gateway, is one of the mall at Orchard that was packed with interesting restaurants. I checked and got interested with Lenas.

I ordered lamb chop for the first time and Abbey was shocked. Hehe. I am astonished how tasty it is. The meat is tender and it is like that I am eating milk in a meat form. Haha. The sauce is completely perfect! This Lamb Rock Egg Sauce in Hot Pan with Pilaf Rice costs $18.80++  with free salad and tea.

Visit them, it is not that bad to splurge sometimes right? Go for it! You deserved that delicious food.

Lenas - Ministry of Food
#04-19 Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road