Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Unleash the Highest Potential of Your Life and Money (Speakers: Mr & Mrs Vic and Avelynn Garcia) - AIA Tampines

ABBEY: In a world that is becoming harsh and positivity is getting scarce, it is better to listen to motivational speakers to correct your perspective from time to time. Unleash International was invited to speak  last March 12. And the good news is that it was for FREE. The hours of husband-and-wife-duo Vic and Avelynn Garcia were so precious that companies are paying them a very high rate. We were blessed to have them at the gathering.

They are not motivating the usual way. But instead, they will tell you what you're doing wrong and how to correct them. They're brutal but your eyes will be opened and you'll change for the better.
I'm happy that their course is aligned with the teachings of the Bible.

Even they want to talk more, the given time was short.
But they promised to come back and do the full 3-4 day training.

I'll wait for them as I want to be part of the change the Philippines needs.

WILL: How do I get to know them, I am fortunate to read their books "Kuntento Ka Na Ba Sa Kaperahan Mo?" and "Kakasuweldo Pa Lang Ubos Na". And from that, attending on one of their seminar make it to my wishlist. But the huge price is blocking me to attend it. Blessing came Vic and Avelynn Garcia to speak for free. Without second thought, we registered. 

What are my greatest take-away? The step by step where to put our hard-earned money, the entrepreneur mind, Vic also challenged us how to be one of the best employees our boss can have, he also inquired how's our relationship with our spouse or with children or parents or siblings while we are here, and it is a blast when they gave us a little small card that indicates "Tulong Ko - Pasa Mo".

That card moved many attendees..BIG TIME. Why? Most of the OFW went abroad to earn and to help their family and not expecting for any returns. This Tulong Ko - Pasa Mo movement is for us to do small deeds for 3 random person and aiming that the good deed will continue until every people will be touched by this movement. 

Gosh! I cried a lot when I saw a clip of movie Pay It Forward that they have played that day. 

Now, I know why their seminar is expensive. Their seminar is really valuable. In a very short time, they discussed family, career, money and spiritual side of our being! 

Thanks Sir Vic and Ms Avelynn Garcia. May HE bless you and your family more!