Monday, March 7, 2016

Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Orchard) - MacDonald's House

ABBEY: The Burger Bar we had dinner on was Fat Boys' conglomerate, but we wanted to visit the real thing. So one day after office we headed to their in Dhoby Ghaut (38 Orchard Road).

I ordered Fat Basterd. A couple of minutes passed, and the huge burger is on my table. I think it stood 6-7 inch tall; 2 burger patties, bacon , fried egg and cheese on a sesame bun.
I'm not able to eat it as a normal burger so the trick is to eat it by layers. :)

It was delicious, juicy and fresh. By the way it comes with serving of fries. My tummy is so full for that 198.80SGD meal.

WILL: If we need to talk something about our business, as much as possible we dined out. Why? I do not know why also that in such a limited table packed with people, our imagination flies through and creates ideas. And so, our primary reason to be in Fat Boys Burger os to have a meeting of minds and eating will be secondarily. 

I ordered The Burgatory $13.00 (because the menu advised to get ask for extra napkin, haha!) and a hot water. 

The burger arrived and once we have done the first bite, we already stopped talking and just munching the food all the way when it went half. Haha! We get into our business when the burgers were almost finished. That's good the patties are, you will forget what you are talking about. Haha! 

MacDonalds House is just located beside Plaza Singapura, be there early than 7pm or you will end up queueing on a long line of patrons.

Fatboy's The Burger Bar
38 Orchard Road 
(T) 6337 3834