Sunday, March 13, 2016

Idaten Udon | Personalize Your Udon (Citylink Mall)

ABBEY: After our stroll in Marina Barrage for our Singapore Flash Forward video, we became hungry. We stumbled upon the newly opened Idaten Udon branch at City Link Mall. You can customized your own udon from type of noodles, soup and toppings.

I got myself a bowl of curry rice, yes no udon for me, and a side dish of JUMBO mixed vegetable tempura. The portion of curry rice is small. Good thing I got the the mixed vegetable tempura which towers maybe 3-4 inches high.

The condiments like tempura sauce, wasabi, and Japanese mayo are free flow. They are in the self-service section. It also includes crumbs of the fried items. Try it in small portions :)
Since this is self-service, clear your tray upon leaving.

WILL: After our tiring day, we went at CityLink Mall for a dinner and Abbey suggested to try Idaten Udon. 

I got Beef Udon (Original Udon Noodle) and Chicken Katsu. After a bite of their noodle, my eyes brightened and this restaurant creates a mark that their noodle will be one of my comfort food. The noodle alone will make you full, the texture is very firm and the taste is delectable. 

Completely recommendable.

Idaten Udon (Citylink Mall)
(A) #B1-21 CityLink Mall, 
1 Raffles Link, Singapore 039393

(T) 63287940