Thursday, March 3, 2016

Starbucks Singapore's Strawsome Frappuccino (Customize your Frappuccino Any Way You Like)

ABBEY: I have read articles for unlocking Starbucks secret menu. And I always wanted to try that. So when I heard that they have one-for-one offer for frappuccino by designing your own I grabbed the chance.
Me and my wife tried six different flavors; two per week. Below are mine.
First : Creamy dark caramel espresso frappuccino
Second: Cadburry creme egg frappuccino
Third: The Undertow

We got the menu items here: 
I admit that all the drinks are not 100% accurate as per the recipe listed in the web but the taste is still delicious.
I hope they will be having the same ingredients worldwide specially toffeenut and hazelnut syrups. With this more I can unlock more recipes.

WILL: Isn't it sad that your favourite coffee/mocha concoction was already thing of the past on starbucks? Fret not!! Starbucks Singapore is holding a Strawsome Frappuccino (Customize your Frappuccino Any Way You Like) for you to taste what you are craving for ages. :) 

3 weeks straight, we availed this customisation. I had Oreo Frappuccino, Zebra Frappuccino, and Cookie Dough Frappuccino. Yum, yum, yum!! And the best part of it? It is buy one get one free. :) 

I wonder what I will get for this week :) haha!

Starbucks Coffee Singapore's Strawsome Frappuccino Promo