Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kenny Rogers Roasters Great World City

ABBEY: From time to time we became homesick and we crave for food back at home. Yes there are fastfood in the Philippines that are also here in Singapore but the taste isn't the same. Maybe I just want the Filipino-version of that :) 

We came to know of Kenny Rogers and headed to Great World City. What we want the most? Their muffins. Unfortunately, Wilma wanted it more than me so she hoarded all the muffins we ordered to herself. We had quarter chicken platter with 2 sides (corn nibbles & mac & cheese) and a muffin for 18.90SGD. 

The taste is the same; it is delicious. The chicken is roasted well; no blood or undercooked meat. I hope they can lower the price.

WILL: I am watching a tv series and one of the character blurted out the corn muffin of Kenny Rogers and boom..my brain exploded and longing for the taste of it. 

Grabbed my phone and searched for Kenny Roger's Singapore branch and Great World City came up. Before our Saturday Singapore GP event, we went here for lunch. 

We all ordered Kenny Quarters and I grabbed all their muffin from their plates. Haha! I ate one, and I packed the rest. Gosh, every bite satisfies my cravings! The crusty texture outside plus the foamy bread inside. Oh! Yeah! The chicken! It is nice but pretty expensive. Macaroni and cheese taste is impressively good! 

I will be back for muffins for sure. :)