Monday, September 28, 2015

Two Wings - One Just Isn't Enough

ABBEY: A news regarding Two Wings came to my FB feed. I read it and put it on my "To Dine" list. It is located at Pinnacle@Duxton. So I picked up my wife at her office and headed to the foodcourt at Duxton. 

For 8.90SGD I got a Chicken Cutlet which is a Chef Recommended item. It comes with 2 side dish of your choice. I had Rice of the day and fries. The chicken is big and crispy. It really made my stomach full.

WILL: I am pretty astounded when Abbey showed me a list of restaurant he wants to dine in to. Yes I am shocked because this is the first time he came up with it. 

Two Wings is the first place for us to dine. We went there before our Friday Singapore F1. We luckily arrived around 630pm. Why? Minutes later the place at The Pinnacle@Duxton is packed and there is no available table for other diners. 

I ordered their famous wings. They are correct! One is not enough. The skin is crispy, the meat is tender and not bloody. It will be served to you piping hot. They have a big serving and half of it was pushed to my leftover saviour..Abbey. :) 

I will definitely recommend this buttery/crispy wings to all our readers! :) High Five Two Wings!