Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Panerai - History and Legend Exhibition Singapore 2015

ABBEY: We were given a guided tour for the Panerai exhibition at Orchard. In it, they showed us the history of the timepieces. They were used on military missions under the sea where conditions were cold and harsh. 

Come the modern day, the 44-mm wrist acccessory got contemporary designs and were used by the public as well. We were also shown the insides of the watch. It is intricate and complex. No wonder the cheapest they have starts at 10k SGD.

WILL: I am mesmerised to have lots of watch. I love to see my wrist wearing a huge watch. And almost of my watches were just gifts. :) 

When Panerai announced that they will be holding a mini exhibition just outside their Ion Orchard Store, I didn't think twice, I urgently booked to attend one of their guided tour. 

After the said tour, it is clearer for me where they were from and who were the first users of the timepieces. After a talk with their watchmaker, I asked how much is the price and I almost fainted. Why? The model I like costs S$35,000. Yes! You read it right. Haha!

I know I can have it. In the right time I will own one. :) Thanks Panerai of the magical tour!