Wednesday, September 30, 2015


ABBEY: Another F1 season came in Singapore from September 18-20. We bought Bay Grandstand tickets for the whole 3 days and we saw some actions on Turn 18. The qualifying rounds for the Formula 1 cars was exciting as Sebastian Vettel finished a lap with 1 minute and 44 seconds. Though he didn't matched that record on Sunday night's race, he still proved that he is the champion of Marina Bay circuit. He managed to maintain the lead until the end.

For the concert line up, it was great. Pharell on Friday, Maroon 5 got the crowd singing and dancing on Saturday and Bon Jovi capped the event on Sunday.

Room for improvements and I hope Singapore Airline F1 committee will look into it.
1. Please open the track as soon as the race ended for the people to go to Padang stage. Bon Jovi was already on the middle of his concert when we arrived there.

2. When opening the track, I mean open the track in Turn 18 so the people can pass thru the Esplanade (under the bridge) just like the earlier years. What happened is that the people are routed to Esplanade bridge itself. And they have to go thru the fences or camera slots just to go in the concert ground. This is very disappointing. Adding to that the marshal is telling that that is not allowed. When he was asked where should the people go, he became silent.

3. Have Fanzone bands like the one when Singtel is the promoter. This will ensure that the ticket holder can enjoy both the race and the concert in the fanzone. This year, the patrons will have to decide if they will watch the race on their seats or wait for 7 hours for the concert in Padang just to get a good position.

4. Have more promotion/contest for ticket upgrades. The contest that I saw was only to have 1 pair of ticket to be upgraded, unlike other years where the all the tickets that you bought will be upgraded.

Hoping to get some improvements in future races. More power Singapore GP.

WILL: Nothing's gonna stop the roaring and revving machines of Singapore Grand Prix 2015. Yeah even haze can't stop people in merrymaking. 

This is my third time to watch this yearly phenomenal event here in Singapore and it just getting bigger and better. So what are the things that they made it more exciting for 2015? First of all is the list of main stage performers at Padang Stage. For three consecutive nights we were treated with famous singers from Hollywood. Pharrell Williams touched the stomping feet of teenagers. Maroon 5 make the girls scream and Bon Jovi makes our hands swayed up in the air. All generations were touched by F1 2015. 

How about the race? Not so many action as expected to Mercedes Benz. You can observe that Anti-Red Team is bored while they are watching Vettel leads the parade of racing cars. I think Vettel can drive in Singapore's Night Track even his eyes were closed. Haha!

On my third time to attend this, I assessed that I am more on to watch the actual race itself than to attend the concerts. Haha! I am converted now. 

Long Live Singapore GP. Hope to have an access again to Fan Stand by next year! :)