Thursday, August 27, 2015

Singapore Night Festival 2015

ABBEY: Yahoo, another unwinding activity after a day's work. Singapore lit up the night when they launched Night Festival. We went last Aug 21. 

The first performance we saw is Anooki. :) They are performing at the front wall of National Museum. Yes, on the wall. It was a cartoon projection. The Anookis played, ran, and made the wall like jelly. They colored it with red, blue, green and even filled it up with balls. At the end, they whistled to the tune of Happy Birthday greeting Singapore for its 50th.

Then we went to Armenian street. Loud music caught our attention and we saw New Stream Brass Band playing and encouraging the crowd to sing and dance with the beat.

Next is the Peranakan Museum Variety Show (by The Main Wayang Co.). The Peranakans really got the crowd's vibes with their novelty songs. It was fun, cheerful and tiring (as you dance, shout and sing).

Few minutes after the show, we got to see the Spark! by World Beaters Music of UK. I thought they are yet to start their performance but they will be on a break. Luckily, they still beat their percussions and play along with the crowd as they marched to their place. They were all in white. And the drums have led lights. Taking snaps is easy as they got their own spotlights :)

We wanted to wait for Bloco Singapura (percussion band) but it was getting late so we headed home.

WILL: I am always excited once the Bras-Basah-Bugis Precinct will close its streets for annual Singapore Night Festival. Why? It is a feast. It never fails to amuse and make me glad. 

Last Friday, we watched the show of The Anooki Celebrate Singapore. They are so cute. I am smiling from start to the end of the show. It lighten up the mood of every people who witnessed that little Inuits. 

Then, we walked to Armenian Street to check out the New Stream Brass Band. I never get tired of clapping and stomping my feet on their beat. 

Next!!! The Peranakan Museum Variety Show. This is a total party! Abbey and I danced to their songs. 

We were on our way home when Spark (LED-lit drummers) marched towards to our direction. Do not get be intimidated if the first in line drummer is grumpy, because the last in line member is showing off her best smile. Haha! 

Great job Singapore Night Festival 2015 team. Till next year!