Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Comnam - Vietnamese Street Eats

ABBEY: Before heading to 2015 Singapore Night Festival, we filled up our tummies with food from Comnam Broken Rice bowl in Raffles City. It caters Vietnamese street food. 

I got marinated pork cutlet (with chicken ham, pickles, viet steamed egg with pork) for 10.5 sgd. Within minutes, the order was already on our table. It was zesty and tangy due to cilantro and lime and was flavorful. They are also using fish sauce which is used also in Philippines. Sweet, sour, salty, and spicy; all in one bowl. 

We also tried their version of sugar cane juice. They put lime on that as well. This is a sister company of NamNam Noodle Bar.

WILL: I am intrigued on the long queue that is building up every time I passed at Raffles City. So when Abbey and I got the chance to have dinner there, we instantly grabbed the chance. 

Comnam is serving broken rice. In Philippines this kind of rice is used for chicken feeds and I am not surprised that this store explains that in Vietnam's history it was taken by peasants. But now they discovered that this tiny rice absorbs more sauces and flavours. 

I went for Abalone, Pork Ribs, Soft Boiled Egg, Bean Sprouts Rice Soup. ($13.90 GST included / no service charge). The soup is tasty and the rice's texture is incredibly nice. I will love to consume this kind of food when it is raining or when I feel sick. It gives comfort to its consumer. 

A recommendable place to dine. :)