Sunday, August 16, 2015

Singapore's Indian Heritage Centre

ABBEY: As people of all ages and races celebrated Singapore's 50th birthday, we also had some plans to participate. Since MRT and buses offered free rides it is expected for jam-packed destinations. Sentosa for one was really a crowd favorite. The snake line for Sentosa Express is very long that some people opted for the boardwalk. For me and my wife, we visited the recently opened Indian Heritage Centre at 5 Campbell Ln (nearest MRT is Little India).

We were warmly welcomed by their staff. They told us to go up to fourth story after giving us the information pamphlet. The museum exhibits the part of Indians in building in Singapore. How they thrive, built business and live in this land.

One of the busts that were given by Indian government to commemorate the museum inauguration is of Mahatma Gandhi. The first National Servicemen enlistee is an Indian. It was Mr. Albel Singh which served Singapore Armed Forces for 32 years.

Part of the museum shows their religion; from the gods up to the intricatedley-designed great door of temple. It was good to learn the culture, life and religion of other races so your knowledge will also be enriched.

WILL: Indians are one of the races who build Singapore and this Heritage Centre is to accredit all their works and milestones for the Little Red Dot. 

The centre showcases well the Indian culture, their contribution and their beliefs. It also magnifies how they live, their professions and their people who got a position in the government. 

It is a great idea to put this up. Hope it will housed a lot more information about the Indian culture. :)