Monday, August 3, 2015

High Tea Buffet @ Marriott Cafe, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

ABBEY: Normally, the buffet we are going to is for lunch and dinner but this time, we went for high tea. It was at Marriot Cafe at Orchard. 

All the while, I'm thinking it will all be shortcakes, cold cuts, pastries, coffee and tea. Whoa, I was wrong. They are serving local delis. From Hainanese chicken rice, Hokien Mee to Nasi Lemak, you can have a couple of plates. They also have braised, duck and pork as well as bak kut teh. I indulged myself with slices of salmon. From time to time, I had a bite of their prata and chicken nuggets. I keep coming back for beef rendang, spicy but delicious. When we visited, they are offering 20sgd per person promotoion.

Room of improvements though: Don't try to hide the burnt side of prata, it cannot be hidden. Just don't serve it. For the crispy fried chicken, please try to completely fry it. I can still see the uncooked batter inside. And when making nigiri, make sure that the nori strip is fully wrapped around it. The ones I had have nothing at the bottom.

WILL: This is our first time to experience a high tea buffet and we are happy that it happen it at one of the most prestigious hotel here in Singapore... the Marriott Hotel Orchard. We arrived few minutes after 3pm but we stayed until 5:15pm for us to maximise the value of $20++ promotion. 

After we were escorted to our reserved seats, we immediately paved our way to roam around and check out the arrays of food available. Since we are pretty hungry (we didn't take our lunch that time) we are very happy to see few viands for us to enjoy. So I got some of their fish curry and chicken plus few pieces of prata. Not so many choices of sushi but still I took 4 of it. Fresh oysters are present, salmon strips for your bread and laksa, their delicious laksa(drooool). 

Time to get some desserts so I went for blueberry crepe and topped it two scoops of ice cream. 

Rest for a while then I ate muffin and pizza. Can I say something? Please improve the taste of those two. I only got a one bite of those and pushed my plate away to Abbey. 

I enjoyed this happy and excellent experience for us as a couple. Thanks Marriott Cafe. Till next buffet!