Sunday, August 9, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore (SG50)

ABBEY: I've been here in Singapore for 6 years now. And coming from a not so progressive country, I can clearly see the difference. 

In terms of security, first and foremost, it was great. No worries if you left office late at night; you can enjoy chatting with your friends in your mobile devices. You can even use your phone to save your table while buying your food. And most of all, you can wear your backpack on both shoulders.

With less tax being withheld, we can save more of our salaries. You can breathe fresh air the whole day not only in the morning. Yes, MRT has service disruption, but compared to where I came where delay is a normal occurence, the service is efficient. And free buses are readily available when disruption happens. Taxi fare will be metered, not in a contract and most of the drivers are polite and friendly. You can ask directions if you're a tourist or just read the signs and you'll never get lost. Shop till you drop or go to their museums to learn their history. Diversity is everywhere; food, culture, race, religion and lifestyle but still they are united when it comes to being patriotic. 

I know there is still more for this country to progress and excel. Thanks Singapore for allowing me to live, work, and enjoy my stay at this little red dot. Little it seems but have big impact on the world. Happy Birthday.

WILL: Singapore... My second home. 

Thank you Singapore for the water on tap that is potable. Thank you for peaceful, secured place to live in. Thanks for the unpolluted air. Thanks for the trees and chirping birds. Thanks for the kind locals that surrounds us on our daily lives. Thanks for diversified cuisines in hawkers. Thanks for an opportunity to work in here. Thank you for protecting us consumers and commuters. Thanks for sharing to us how live in a first world country. Thank you. Thank you. 

In touring different sites and museums of Singapore, Abbey and I learned how you reached the top. How everybody worked to change and reach the goal. 

Majulah Singapura! Forward! Forward!