Monday, August 10, 2015

Dinner at Wheeler's Yard

ABBEY: We planned on meeting my former colleague, Arnold but due to some office work he was not able to come. So Wilma came up with something and asked me and Grace to go to Wheeler's Yard at Lor Ampas (one-bus ride -139 from Toa Payoh bus interchange). Grace was delighted to hear that as she is a cyclist. 

The ambiance is like a warehouse you see in movies where the bad guys hide their kidnap victims. But instead of tension and fear, the cafe was filled with all-smiling and attentive staffs. It was warm and relaxing. 

I got their spring chicken. It took time to be served. But, oh boy, when it was served, it was aromatic and delicious. Since it was baked, the fat is almost gone leaving the skin crispy. The meat can easily be removed from the bones. It came with creamy mash potatoes and purple cabbage coleslaw. The meals starts from 15sgd. 

Other half of the place is for the bikes and accessories that are for sale. 

WILL: Wheeler's Cafe is one of the must visit cafes here in Singapore. And because Grace is a cyclist, I thought of going in here with her for some dinner. 

We were amazed my the interior designing of the place. It is very clever for bicycle shop to put a cafe beside. We sat in front of the long table that have bicycles displayed on it. 

I went for Steak Hanger ($19.90). The meat is quite tough to chew. But the taste complements well with mushroom sauce. Abbey and I was delighted to their mashed potato, it is creamy. 

Next time? ...