Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Muthu's Curry - Suntec City Mall Singapore

ABBEY: I first set my foot on Muthu's Curry at Suntec. It was when my colleague celebrated the arrival of his first child. It was really a treat. So from that moment, I want my wife to dine here. 

First, there's unlimited papadum which is really her favorite. Second, they have butter chicken. Third, the food taste great. We dined and ordered Dum Biryani (11sgd) and butter chicken. The biryani rice is aromatic and flavorful. It was served with raita (yogurt, onion and carrots) and chicken curry sauce. I wasn't expecting the serving of butter chicken that small which costs 12sgd. But it didn't stop Wilma to order another bowl of biryani rice. And we got a couple of bowls of papadum. 

WILL: I managed to come up with the decision what I will eat for dinner when I reached Abbey's office that night. I chose to buy some hot fish noodles but when I met my husband he announced that we will eat at Muthu's Curry. I protested for the idea but when he informed me that there is unlimited papadum there, I smiled and agreed. 

I ordered buttered chicken...?delicious!! How delicious? I asked for an extra rice and it is my first time. I love their self-served papadum. It is not oily. 

The price is quite expensive though. Anyways, this place is very recommendable. Find them at Suntec City at Fountain of Health dining area.